We recently hosted a discussion with Dr. John Baldoni, one of Biospring’s Operational Experts. He is the Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of SaponiQx, a recently formed vaccine discovery and development company. He’s also the CEO of the Atom Research Alliance. Dr. Baldoni spent 29 years in GSK’s Research and Development organization and 11 years on its executive leadership team, as SVP of Platform Technology and Science, where he worked across the entire drug discovery and development process, from preclinical activities to clinical development and commercial launch. Dr. Baldoni started the first AI-driven drug discovery unit at GSK in 2017, called in silico drug discovery, which uses computational methods to identify patient needs, explore molecular interventions to address those needs, and design clinical trials in a more efficient way.

During our discussion, John shared a bit about his journey from 2015 to today on the confluence of high performance computing, data, and subject matter expertise in the healthcare system. He shared his view of what the healthcare sector might look like around how we can integrate healthcare, data and healthcare information to society’s benefit.

6 AI Impact Areas in Healthcare

John: “I think that there are going to be six areas where artificial intelligence is going to affect healthcare. I think that these areas are highly integrated and highly interdependent if one were to look at it from a data perspective and an outcomes perspective. Those areas starting at one o’clock (in the diagram below) are:

How one diagnoses a disease.

How one understands the biology of disease.

How one modulates the biology, with molecules that are therapeutic interventions as a consequence of understanding that biology.

How one understands the clinical potential of those modulating molecules on an individual basis, and at an interaction level with the body.

And then finally, what are the real world consequences of that intervention? What are the outcomes? What are we seeing as a consequence of all this investment in drug discovery and development?”

In the video clip below, John elaborates on the six areas where artificial intelligence is going to affect healthcare. He also describes a generalized approach that depicts how one would use artificial intelligence and human intelligence combined to create better outcomes.